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As the Green Bay's premier heating and air conditioning contractor, Sinkler Heating and Cooling, Inc. is dedicated to high quality services and customer satisfaction. Our team of heating and air conditioning technicians have served customers in Green Bay, WI and beyond since 1983, and are committed to providing trustworthy, affordable services. Our goal with our air conditioning services is to not only help you live comfortably, but help you increase the energy efficiency and indoor air quality (link to indoor air quality page) of your home.

Sinkler Heating and Cooling, Inc. is a factory authorized dealer for Bryant Heating & Cooling products. As a locally owned and operated company, we know the importance of equipping your home with products that are both efficient and affordable. Bryant products incorporate advanced technology and the highest standards for efficiency and dependability. We stand behind the complete line of Bryant air conditioning and heating products.

Sinkler Heating and Cooling is proud to provide repair, installation and service to air conditioning systems including:

Forced Air
Forced Air cooling systems operate by moving air across an evaporator coil and extracting the heat that condenses in order to cool your home. Our Bryant condensing units offer up to 18 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). This type of cooling system is often combined with a central heating system because it shares the same duct work for distributing heated or conditioned air throughout your home. Other product features include: quiet operation, a scroll compressor, Puron refrigerant and a 10-year product warranty.

Geothermal cooling systems offer you an environmentally friendly way to cool your home during warm spring and summer months. This type of system operates by taking the heat from within your home and releasing it into the cooler ground around your home. Our team will work with you to determine which geothermal system fits your needs and lifestyle. Our goal is to help make it easy and affordable to go green!

Heat Pump
Don't let the word “heat” in the name fool you. A heat pump is a dual-purposed product that can heat your home in winter and cool it down in the summer. A main advantage to having a heat pump is that it does not generate heat, but instead moves it. In the summer months, it acts like an air conditioner by reversing directions and removing heat from your home, instead of bring it inside. This type of system provides you with a versatile and energy efficient option.

High Velocity Cooling
A high velocity central air conditioning system is a great choice for customers who currently heat their home by hot water. High velocity cooling systems have many advantages including offering smaller ducts that fit where conventional ducts can't. These ducts are easily installed, unobtrusive and blend in with your home's décor. In addition, the ducts are sealed air tight to prevent leakage and reduce noise output. Plus, they remove 30% more moisture than a conventional system!

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Comprehensive Air Conditioning Products & Services

For more than 30 years, Sinkler Heating and Cooling has been a trusted name for heating and cooling services in the Greater Green Bay area. We are proud to provide customers in Green Bay, WI and beyond with high quality air conditioning products and services. Our goal is to not only help you live comfortably, but increase the energy efficiency of your home

Our team of HVAC technicians are committed to providing you, your family or business with year-round, 24 hour “Comfort on Call” services. No matter the time of day or year, we are here and ready to help you find solutions to your HVAC problems.

For more information about our product selection, HVAC services, or for general questions, please contact us at 920-465-6863 today